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1.5. How to Search for Inactive SDS

NOTE: The following workflow assumes that you are logged in to your Online-SDS account with Administrator privileges.

Within your Online-SDS account, Administrative users have the ability to Inactivate an SDS within your account. As a system administrator, you have the ability to view and reference SDS that have been moved to the system’s archive (InActive SDS).

In order to search inactive SDS within your account, you must first access the Advanced Search feature.

Access Advanced Search

On the Home Page, you will find a link to access the Advanced Search feature.

advanced search link on home page

Execute Advanced Search

When logged in as an administrative user, when you click on Advanced Search, the first option you will see is Status.

toggle SDS active and inactive status

From here, you can choose the InActive status in order to search inactive SDS within your account.

Click the blue Search button once you have selected a Status.

search button

How to Add an Inactive SDS to a binder

In your Online-SDS account, you cannot add Inactive SDS to your binders. Instead, you must first follow the process for How to change the Active Status of an SDS from Inactive to Active. Once you have changed the status to Active, the SDS will reside within the Master Binder.

Next, follow the process to Move / Copy an SDS to a binder.



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