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4.7. Using the Attach button on View SDS pages

NOTE: The following workflows assume that you are logged in to your Online-SDS account with Administrator privileges.

As was covered in the previous section, Actions that can be performed from a View SDS page, the Attach button found on the View SDS page is only accessible to Administrative users. This feature allows you to associate additional documentation with each individual SDS. Common types of documents include: special handling procedures, facility-specific disposal information, chemical authorization forms, images of the physical product/manufacturer container, etc. Using this feature allows Administrative users of your Online-SDS account to view the attached documents.

How to Attach a Document to an SDS record

  1.  Click on the Attach button on any View SDS page

  2. Enter the details of your document and choose the file to attach.

  3. After you attach the document, you will be able to view it on the View SDS page by clicking on the Title of the document.

    Administrative users can also Edit any Local Document.

For more information about attaching local documents, please see our training series video on our YouTube channel.




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